New Mombasa is under attack, I repeat, New Mombasa is under attack.

Inspired by Halo, but whatever is shooting those ODST soldiers, it’s not those gay ass pink covenants alien shits.
I didn’t really want to post it at first, not that I think it’s bad, it’s just too boring and common in my opinion.

Gun on the left?!?!!?

Larry’s Weapon Pack?!?!!?

Muzzleflash, again, is awful. But the rest is lovely. Good work.

All my problems are solved I am at peace

I agree with Zerax on the muzzleflash statement. The ODST in the middle doesn’t actually seem like he’s been shot. More of he was poked and he’s all “blegghhhh”, trying to sit down or something. Overall I like the pretty lights and lighting in general. Good job.

those are limp dance moves

Rather hectic and chaotic, which is great! The flying glass and stuff is also neat.
Lighting is also rather snazzy.

What map is this out of curiosity?


Nice effects.

nt_skyline_ctg from Neotokyo.
Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:

I was expecting something bigger but when I saw it I was suprised of the quality of the picture. Great job!

Great hand posing.

I expected mombasi

where is mombasi?

It’s obviously hidden behind those glowy japanese signs that have absolutely nothing to do here. Silly you. :v:

what japanese signs i see nothing?

Said japanese signs are hidden by fugly bloom.
Mombasi is right behind the unrelated Japanese signs hidden by the bloom.