New Mombasa Project: Reborn {WIP}

Need contributors!

Content so far: WARNING:{Some are extremely WIP, Some are finished}

I can get you these models in .3ds, .obj, and .xaml With textures.

Download link:

(Coming soon)

nice work. bridge looks very nice.

So this is from halo?

Sweet. I like it.

ooohhh very nice

The contrast between the ONMP in 2nd May 2010 and today is big, look at what my textures look like, for example:

For people to look at the old thread.

Could really use your textures here civil :slight_smile:

Okay I am going to later work on recreating the street lights and sign holders for the bridge.



The halo 2 civilian cars would be nice to have if someone could get them.

There is nothing about this that I don’t like.

I can’t wait to see more of this!

Squeals like a little bitch

I fucking loved this level :v:

I believe that Banshee released the halo 2 civilian cars.

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Download link update!:

Mombasa Space tether:

Skybox version:

Regular version:

New Mombasa Docks:


The Bridge

Mombasa AC Units.(FileName: “Untitled(14)”)

Hotel Zanzibar

Ourskirts Building


So would anyone like to join the project? (Experienced mappers)

I do not think anyone wants to until I have released the halo 2 textures, halo 3 odst textures and example vmfs I am working on.

I could alternatively make a quick beta release of my textures so that people that are more talented/faster than me at mapping can go at it.

I really want to see this completed. It’d be really fun to play in on GMod.

Are you gonna go for a 100% true to the game recreation of Halo 2’s New Mombasa, or are you going to take a little bit of artistic liberty to make it look slightly more realistic and detailed?

When I release the halo textures that I find useful out of those that I have to people in beta or final they will be able to use those textures for what they want, something like the source engine textures they already have.
About me creating the stuff that I do with the halo textures. Most of the halo 2 maps are really dated in detail to today’s standards so I might have to add some details in some of the parts that I would feel like recreating.

I know that you are a way better mapper than me and could do so much better work with these halo textures.

I tried to create the models as close to the real thing as possible, But detail can always be added. If you’d like, I can work on them.

Pleased to see the project has had a Rebirth, should be a great addition to Garry’s Mod judging from the images, even if they are WIPs.

Edit: will the map be split into multiple BSPs, or will the city not get that big?

An entirely urban section, like a slice of ODST’s NM, would fit comfortably into an area the size of Hammer’s limit, I think. I haven’t done any measuring, but by reckoning I think you could get enough in there that it would be good for posing and RP.
Also, does anyone remember the idea of the pod drop from the old thread? Is that being given any consideration, or is it unfeasible/too early on?

I have my limits in creating the items, for the use of the people here. But Let me know what you want to see and I’ll work on it.

Would you like me to make some forerunner buildings? That could possibly be implemented somewhere