New monster concepts on trello!

meh…too fantasy for me…but I guess we’ll see where they take it

Oh please no, not another fantasy magic kinda game. I really like rust because it is a real life survival game without all the BS. Thanked god you replaced the zombies, now please don’t go down this road.

I just want a realistic world, with realistic weapons and realistic enemies. Not going down the fantasy road but staying “realistic” is what is going to set Rust apart from all the other games.

Not really fantasy, it’s not like we’re gonna fight dragons and phoenix. These are mutated worms, mutated potatoes and mutated trees. Not too far-fetched considering we’re living in a post-apocalyptic world with tons of radiation evrywhere.

I’m really stoked for this personally!

The potato… would be cool if farming gets implemented. If you are too close to rad zones, your crops may mutate :slight_smile:

will people stop whining, its not your game, its face punches’ when the time comes IF these are put into the game, people don’t like them it is highly likely that they will be removed, that is IF they are ever added because they are concept art

Dragons or mutated worms, it doesn’t really make a difference in my opinion. If walking trees that will hunt you isn’t far fetched what is…

I am not whining, just stating my preference. So what you are telling me is that we should keep our mouths shut, wait for Facepunch to implement these ideas and then tell them I (and some others) don’t like it. Would save them a lot of work if they found out how people felt about it now wouldn’t you think? If 90% of players like this I am fine with them implementing it, just wouldn’t be my kind of game anymore.

But then again, it’s all mutated stuff because of radiation, just like zombies.

#1 rule for a developer…make a game for your audience…not for yourself.

Yeah, that’s how all the great movies come to this world like remake of Conan, Scary Movie 10 etc…
What audience do you mean? The ones who want to hunt dinosaurs or the ones who want this game to be a Quake arena?

If they listened to what the audience wanted, Rust would’ve been some shitty generic military shooter wannabe.

There already is a survival game in the making for the type of audience that like the mutated animals. Its called Forest . Although it looks great I just want Rust to stay the game I thought it was going to be.

Yes some people just want more of what they already know. If a developer has a new idea then of course they should not always listen to the majority, otherwise every new game would be a COD or WOW clone

It looks very promising, especially the cannibal voodoo shit you can do there. I hope it won’t make the Rust devs abandon some concepts so they aren’t blamed for copying it.

I’m gonna have to agree with Beo. This is their work of art, they’ve already stated they don’t mind if the player base drops during development. The whole point of making an indie game vs going to work at a big name game company is so that you *can *choose your own artistic direction, instead of being limited by what others are telling you to do and censoring you. If the devs didn’t listen to their own intuition and artistic preferences and solely listened to the player base, we’d have light machine guns mounted on the backs of dinosaurs, battling aliens and calling in air strikes. Let the devs take the game in the direction they want to. It’s their game.

My point is that there are already games that go down that road of mutated or fantasy creatures. Got loads of zombie/mutated creature survival games so why make another? That was the whole idea of replacing the zombies with animals wasn’t it?

If you just want to churn out run of the mill crap for a buck, fine.

Otherwise, no. How are you supposed to make a game you don’t like when the only person telling you to make it is you? What is the motivation there? This is the advantage indie devs have over the guys making the next year’s football sims.

Actually no, they put the animals there just as placeholders, cus they were less irritating than zombies. Guess they still do not know much what will be the enemy.

Finally something original. I’d like to see that ingame.

Sorry man Rust is going to changeas it continues to develop which is the nature of an alpha. the chances that your vision for the game matches that of the developers it’s pretty damn slim. If you want status quo you can continue to play the legacy branch with the other two guys that like the game in its present state.

I would say these monsters are more sci fi than fantasy. Go read “Roadside Picnic” and rejoice.

Its not like this is a new concept for rust…

Sep 4, 2013

fluffy chickens

Sep 26, 2013

mutant deer

I completely disagree. It is this sort of thinking that ruins games when devs listen to the squeaky wheel they THOUGHT was the voice of the majority.