New Monster

Well I’ve had an idea about adding some sort of monster/creatures to the game…

These creatures would live in the mountains or woods but only come out at night, making you think twice about your midnight farm run :wink: They could possibly drop some sort of loot. It’d be nice if they were stronger than the red wolves/bears, maybe allow them to throw rocks at you? A ranged type of creature and have melee ones too? Just to keep it interesting.

It’d defiantly keep me on edge while farming at night or running around to maybe raid…or even running for my life from hunters :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a thought ^^ Open to any other additions/thoughts :slight_smile:

I have posted this on Reddit as well.
Sorry if anyone else has posted similar.

Dude nobody(develepers) cares about your ideias, they dont put a single shit on the game why they would put a new monster? they already have enougth money, try send your game to a noob because the game already gone :slight_smile:

Well that’s your opinion on it. :slight_smile:
I’m just suggesting things which in my opinion should add some enjoyment for the community, as one needs a community in a game.

There’s an entire suggestion section and a player item submission site.

Don’t speak if you have no idea what the hell you’re talking about.

If you’re thinking of a higher-level creature, it’d be interesting if it was drawn in by gunfire and would attack on seeing someone holding a gun out in the open.

It would have to be somewhat hard to see before it approaches you, and spawn rarely, but it’d be an interesting dynamic and probably very frustrating for people who like to empty all their bullets most of the time when they don’t need to.

In addition to this, all the animals that are currently in the game should run away as soon as they hear gunfire.

Seeing your other recent posts, I hope your ban is permanent. :downs:

I like it.

I think It would be cool if it was attracted to either large groups of players or large bases.

So if you build a multi-story complex but don’t have the man power to defend it it gets destroyed.

Also I think bears and wolves should be attracted to stored meat and campfires.

Theres enough things than can be done to grief you in the game never mind adding a mob than can destroy your building…

love the idea, I think a monster to something like off of the movie Jeepers Creepers. A fucking big flying man Bat preying on people. This would scare the shit out of me, if I was running through a forest and heard a scary ass screeching in the night sky flying over me. Or if this thing landed on top of your base and started scratching and clawing. Just my thoughts.

I think we need him, but a bit “rusted” :

There needs to be a godzilla type monster who only eats hackers!! Hoe friggin awesome would that be?

Hahah :smiley: I’m loving these ideas guys :stuck_out_tongue: All of them sound like it’d be a lot of fun :stuck_out_tongue: