New Monument Proposition

On February 18th 2021 I was glued to my TV for hours as I watched the NASA Perseverance land on Mars. Afterwards I proceeded to play Rust until the early morning hours. That night I had a strange dream; it was some strange combination of Rust and “The Martian” starring Matt Damon, and when I woke up the idea immediately hit me, a Space Station monument! The following is my half-baked Space Station monument pitch for Rust, please enjoy.

Imagine there are multiple underground nuclear missile silos around the map, but these nuclear missile silos no longer fire missiles; instead they were retrofitted to send personnel transport pods to a Space Station orbiting Earth. Let’s say one silo at the actual Launch Site plus the addition of three or so underground (and well hidden) nuclear missile silos elsewhere on the map. Each pod would allow for let’s say up to four (4) players to launch into orbit and all pods launch from Earth, and later dock at the Space Station, simultaneously. If you have enough fuel and are at the right place at the right time (a launch silo at the launch interval), it’s as easy as fueling up the pod and hopping in. Each pod docks at a separate location on the Space Station leaving the up to four (4) team(s) of up to four (4) player(s) each at symmetrical and opposite locations on the Space Station.

The Space Station “spawns” should be relatively infrequent (relative to Cargo Ship’s spawn frequency for example), the station would have to be pretty large, it would be filled with AI ‘scientists’ coded to be hellbent on stopping any and all intruders, would offer great loot if you can make it out alive, and, of course, PvP action. Should a player die on the Space Station, there would be no way to respawn on or otherwise get back to the Space Station; so it’s essentially a PvPvE team death match with only one life each. The Space Station should be a proper balanced FPS PvP arena with some tactical toys thrown in such as a security room (cameras and door lock control), a life support room (O2, gravity, and temperature controls), a mess hall (starve them out, set a trap), and a command center that includes a self-destruct function on a countdown (If I can’t have the Space Station loot, nobody will!).

Ultimately, the teams aboard the Space Station fight AI ‘scientists’, and possibly each other, for the loot and bragging rights. Successful or not, any team can at any point escape the Space Station and head back to Earth by boarding a pre-fueled reentry pod. Pod reentry would be player controlled (you can direct it in such a way that you can land anywhere you want), but the pod has to ‘land’ in the deep ocean. The re-entry event(s) would be very loud (could be heard from 6+ tiles away and seen from even further - it would look like a shooting star and be visible during the day). An inflatable life raft that can carry up to four (4) players automatically inflates and the team, or what remains of it, can then paddle their way back to shore and start the trek home with their top tier loot and a story.

As for exactly what loot the Space Station gives would need to be carefully considered and balanced with the current item economy, so I really can’t say, other than the loot is shiny and you do want it. Ultimately I think this is a good idea for an endgame monument while also offering a different challenge to the players in a very unique setting.

P.S. Facepunch if you like this idea I’d be happy to help in any way that I can. :wink:

Edit: Players could see the Space Station in the night sky, it would appear like a fast moving star, and that could be a hint that a launch interval may be approaching. Otherwise, players could complete a ‘puzzle’ at Launch Site to reveal the pod launch schedule.