New motherboard problem.

My computer broke last week so I sent it to repair to a known person. I was goign to get a new one but finally I got the same tower but with a new motherboard which included a new graphics card( I think it cames with the motherboard),
I finally have Direct X 9 but I have some problems with it: I see evertything too bright on Garrys Mod and my Counter Strike goes slower that before to the point I can’t even play ir properly. Also when I play TF2 I see that rainbow world with many colors and that shit.

It’s weird since I have 3 GB of RAM. I will leave here some example pictures:

Post information about your computer. Maybe we can come up with something.

Operative System: Windows XP Media Center Edition

Display Adapters: Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family

Monitor: Plug and Play monitor.

I have never posted my specs in a thread so I don’t know if I need to put more info. Since the problem is the graphics I only posted the specs related to it. If you need more, please tell me.

Also, if this can help: I noticed in CSS and Garrys Mod the colors are not “normal”. For example: yellow stuff becomes dar orange.

Okay, nevermind. have you noticed artifacts? (Weird pixels or world going crazy)

Nope. Everything is ok except the brightness but in Team Fortress 2 maps are crazy and I can take a screen to show you what I mean.

Press Windows button(on your keyboard) + R and type in “Regedit”, After that go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/valve and delete the folder.

Done. Should I try now?

If this wont work then try to download a graphics card tool which allows you to change the brightness and contrass.

For example ATI uses a program called Catalysm.

I found that but still after changing the brightness, in CSS I still see the maps bull bright.

uhhh okay well i don’t know turn off the HDR?

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or bloom

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I just updated the drivers and now the tool does not start with the PC and now I don’t know where to find it.

A picture of what I mean:

I think that brightness is the cause of my problems.

Okay look, i got to focus on fixing my own problems so i can’t really spend my precious holydays solving your problems. Besides after looking into the pictures i’m not even sure if you’re actually having a problem. Your bloom is probably on or is too high. However the problem can be on your screen aswell, In this case simply change the contras / brightness settings. Generally you have a buttons on the screen itself which allow you to change these settings.

See if this problem occurs in other non-steam related games. If it does it’s driver/graphics card related problem. If it doesn’t then it’s limited to source engine, which means you should be able to fix it by tweaking the settings through console or through the “settings” panel.

No problem mate. I will try to fix it touching stuff.

You don’t have a proper gpu (graphics card), that is an integrated motherboard gpu which isn’t meant for you to be playing games on, not surprised over your bad framerate in games. Your RAM doesn’t matter for shit if you don’t have a proper GPU. Your integrated on board gpu is most likely overheating, causing glitches and artifacting.

Only solution is to buy a gpu within your price range. You don’t need to shell out a lot to play source games, pretty much any relatively new low budget gpu is good enough for the source engine, especially at your resolution of 1280x1024

This is the only decent answer since the rest are just retarded.

Solution as naos explained.
Upgrade GPU.
Stop trying to play Source on Intel GMAs.