New muzzle flash

Sry bad title.

looks like abortion.

i dont understand.

now i’m no expert on editing, but i can tell a good muzzleflash from a bad one.

ok, you like or not ?? xD

I don’t understand again shausahsuahs


is shausahsuahs a word?
seriously this is facepunch, speak god damn english
i will be blunt with you, i think it’s bad.

To me, it seems too round at the edges and kind of a solid yellow. Other than that, I think the muzzle flash looks ok.

looks like oil pastels.
in other words, disgusting abortion

calm, we’re not fighting, we’re talking about an image …

do not be ignorant if I do not understand your comment.

what is there not to understand.
simply put, your muzzleflash looks bad


in my opinion

i’m French, i do not speak very well English

peace? ^^

yes peace to everyone, but like i said the last 3 times

:stuck_out_tongue: ok my bad ^^

in the end, IT ALL WORKS OUT

I don’t think it looks that bad, but it is a little rounded around the edges. I know it’s been said already, but I think this thread needs some more constructive comments.