New , mw2 rangers

What :

Requires :
mw2 extra rangers

Download :
P.S. :
this could ruins your garry’s mod

Valve, Infinity Ward, Activision
Porting, Rigging : tlsaudrl2548,zz8140
Model, Texture : IW[/release]

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Face poser is available
Bodygroup is available
Five finger posable

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Good as always.

finally!!! haha thank you for these awesome models!

the maskless white soldier has no faceposing and the black guy’s mouth is not openable :frowning:

Awesome good

I was thinking akimbo rangers.

i bumped this because this is very useful just for it to be 2nd paged

What? How can this ruin your Gmod?

thats the joke

I lol´ed

I write that long ago as a joke :smiley:


yeah when I was making facepose. I didn’t make it
actually I couldn’t.

pretty awesome! thanks a lot :slight_smile:

awesome man :heart:

dude, they’ve got the same shitty skinny leg. they almost identical to every other midget character from the game. seriously, when you port ugly models over try to beautify it first. thank you.


You can’t really say that unless you know how hard it is.
If you think “beautifying” it is so easy, please beautify it so you can show me how talented you are or not a lazy ass.

White guy with goggles. That’s Pvt. Morgan. I busted my ass to keep him alive in “Wolverines!” only for him not to come to the convoy and to be never seen again.

yes, please bump old threads. /sarcasm

Where to get the Dight SCAR-H?