New name visibility hurting gameplay

No more hiding in grass or in the darkness, now you can just see people’s names floating above them regardless of if you are actually aiming at them. In pitch black you can even just fire under people’s names to kill them. Hackers with night vision will use this as an excuse to more easily get away with using night vision, “I just shot under your name”. This damages the game’s element of surprise and stealth ability. It was better how it was previously, in my opinion, and perhaps could have benefited from simply widening the cone of sight for reading names by a couple degrees.


I see where they were going with these nametags, but they seriously hinder any ability to sneak up on anybody in the darkness. All you see is a floating text.


True, good to point this out.

I’m sure they will be fixing it soon.

I like the new tags, maybe if they just showed the names when you are pointing at them or within a certain proximity.

I liked the yellow 8 bit text more also. It gave the game more personality. jmho


Make it so that the text darkens with daytime. When crouched, your name should be much less visible as well.

When did this happen? I played last night, and the name thing was same as normal, is this maby not an oxide or some sort of plugin? Just curious.

That’s a fantastic idea.

I personally really like the new name tags, Would maybe be an idea to have name-tags of people in your friends list more visible and name-tags of others like they used to be (you had to be within a few meters before they appear)? I think the less visible idea when crouched is a good one, would certainly help with sneaking.

rate this thread, let the dev see this.

They should add a friend list that provides more visibility to friendly. I have only seen this in servers with the rust++ mod on it but it really does not add anything of value to the friends part.
Besides that people who are not friends should not be easy visible. Excuse my english.

Make the feature friend only. problem solved, also agree that this change sucks since you can see ppl through walls just by name.

The tag itself stand out more, but does anyone else find the text even harder to read? I find myself having to get up closer to read a name despite the tag being more noticeable. I don’t know if it’s the font or the white contrast, both, or what.

Maybe make it toggle on once you are close enough. Then it stays on till out of some max range and toggles off.

Ya i hate the new name plates. Its a good idea but done really wrong! It looks terrible when running and makes it impossible to hide anywhere now. I hope they see this thread and change it back!

yeah the current state is awful. so much less tension… i can understand that people wanted to be able to easily identify friends but this was not the way to go. on a small server it completely destroys atmosphere as well.

You can also see the names THROUGH walls. IT should be to where you have to stare at a player for a second or two before their name shows up.

They looked nice, but lead to issues when I was trying to follow a hacker on my server(with invis gear), now i am invisible with my name floating for him to see at all times, luckily he speedhacked away and gave me the proof i needed.

It should be disableable in the server config otherwise PVP-Servers doesn’t have any value…

The font is hard to read when it gets smaller, and I agree it shouldn’t show up through walls and quite so easily. I’d like to see some system to add friends and a different hitsound for when you shoot a friend so that you don’t have to constantly ask if some1 you see is a friend on voice. Maybe just a different shading on the player models for people you add to a friends list would suffice, a blue hue or something?