New Non-Toxic, Mature PVE Rust Server by Cafe Gaming

Cafe Gaming PVE Rust Server

Cafe Gaming is a group of game servers started by a small group of friends with a shared passion for non-toxic online gaming. Just like going to a friend’s house to chill, we strive to create a digital couch to crash on for the night and game with good company. Our server population is mainly composed of friendly and respectful adults who enjoy helping others and building a cohesive community.

Our modded PVE Rust server is designed to provide players with a balanced, progression-based experience that stays true to the original design of the game. We have several quality of life plugins as well. We own our own server tower, which gives us 2-3x more server resources than the average hosted Rust server, as we believe server performance is key to a great player experience.

The server is currently in beta and is whitelist restricted. Request access at the Discord.

Server Name: Cafe Gaming Rust Server

Server IP: 38015

Server Tags: PVE, Build Server

Live Map: My Rust server's map - Rust:IO

Server Location: New England area of USA

Discord: tVu99UK8uw


  • Active, mature admins

  • Anti-Cheat

  • Monthly map wipes (including blueprints)

  • PVP is disabled everywhere except for a single designated monument

  • Auto closing doors

  • Barrel points

  • Better Loot

  • Build contests (coming soon)

  • Chest sorting

  • Enemy NPCs at monuments

  • Events

  • Friends

  • Furnace Splitter

  • Gather rewards

  • Homes and Teleports

  • In-Game Economy and Shop

  • Lockable furnaces

  • Player backpacks

  • Player titles

  • Safe trading

  • Skin Shop

  • ZLevels

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