New NPCs thread

** Why new NPCs should be added and why I am making this thread:** Imagine single player Rust. Pretty much, there would be absolutely no challenge whatsoever. In multiplayer Rust, there are always a hundered naked people trying to eat your face off, but there are no NPCs to add danger to the game. The hostile animals are really cool, but you get to decide whether you are going to fight them or not. You can easily run away or avoid every single NPC, and zombies die with one hit from a pickaxe, so if you just time it right (which is VERY easy) then you are near invincible. Only when you need cloth to make a sleeping bag or leather for armor you have to fight. That’s not really survival. As of now, the only reason the game is considered a survival game is the ridiculous amount of people that want to destroy everything you love. I know the game is in Alpha and not a lot of features are put into the game yet, but as Alpha testers it is our job to report all the bugs and suggest new things. Once the game gets really popular, it will be a lot harder to suggest things that will have an actual impact on development. Also, if you have any ideas for new NPC’s but don’t feel like writing a big-ass thread, feel free to post them here.

Suggestions : Since resource spawns aren’t expanded yet, I have a idea that will be a lot cooler and funner than just leaving the parts without ore spawns empty. I suggest once resource spawns get expanded a little, a very overpowered monster, mutant or something that is scary as hell comes out only at night on the edge of where the spawn points end. The intent would be to kill the player, and scare the crap out of him. These monsters would be killable, but it would be VERY, VERY hard. They would also be able to sense players very far away, and run faster than the player. I think it would add a very cool atmosphere and sense of mystery to the game. Getting attacked by one of them would look like this -

Damn, it’s really hard to think of new NPCs. I mainly made this thread for everybody to post their suggestions here, so have at it. I am going to bed :x

How bout the USAF just drops a nuclear bomb to the wasteland and kill the mutant?

If you’re suggesting something to be implemented now, as a short term solution to the map area that isn’t seeded with resources, you’re going to have to come up with a good reason not to just leave it as it is.

Why? Lemme find the post… here we go. The post refers to adding things like foliage and water sources, but the core message is the same.

In this case, making a new monster that’s just temporary to have something in the empty areas of the map is unnecessary work for something that’s probably going to get thrown out once the map expands properly.

Also, zombies are placeholder monsters and likely won’t be in the final game. They’re just something to kill and loot that isn’t other players/animals. Do go ahead with your suggestions for other NPC types, everyone, since eventually Rust will need to become a real game, and those suggestions are important and do matter, they just might need to wait before getting implemented.

Oh, and please enjoy this funny clip of a triceratops during development of a dinosaur exhibit’s software.