New Nuke Effect!

A new nuke particle effect for GMod! Use it and keep away from faceQuoted. Credits to the people who made the nuke pack 4, enjoy! Thank you Vman for the particle effects! :smiley: Note: I am fixing some minor bugs as the miscalculated centered explosion away from the actual explosion.

Actual Nuke Pack Page ( not mine, but here if there is a bug fix for the nukes. ) :


your picture is broken bro


Looks neat. Reminds me of those guys working on a new nuke a while back. What actually happened to that?

I don’t exactly know man.

You still didn’t ask me to use the particle. I would have appreciated it. But at least you were courteous enough to add a credit.

Though you need to figure out how to get rid of the old particle effect underneath it.

Yeah, I am sorry for that. I should have asked you, but “trying” to get in contact with you would have been some challenge. As it is always hard to get a reply from someone on facepunch or steam. :confused:

No, Vman is active on FP, he would reply within a day to a PM.