Server Browser Name: [USEast]NewYork Official Reddit Connection IP: Location: New York, USA Maximum Player Slots: 150 Description: Nub-friendly, but this is NOT a carebear server.

Ease of Access: Find [USEast]NewYork Official Reddit in the Community server tab. Alternatively, you can open the console (F1) and type net.connect

No Admin Abuse: We hate it when admins ruin the game, too. We admins bought the game so that we could have fun, just like you. None of our admins use their powers for much of anything other than the Status function. :stuck_out_tongue: We don’t spawn anything for ourselves or for anyone else. We don’t use god mode, we don’t teleport, we don’t anything. Period. The only time we use admin powers is to clean the server of hackers or extremely intensively vulgar players. Thankfully, we haven’t had to do either.

Contact Methods: we are on 24/7… we got no life :slight_smile: but other contact methods can be used threw steam add us; Caption,Scrappy.Leftforsaken,Epic.DK

Server Updates: We only ever bring the server down for Steam updates, of course, but we haven’t yet wiped the server. We don’t wipe nearly as often as other communities, so feel free to come here and make yourself at home. If there is to be a wipe, you’ll be notified in advance. It would have to be some kind of very significant game update that breaks current functionality or something for us to consider wiping.

Have Newsest Update on server and Bolt Action Rifle.

if the community of the server takes off we’ll start events; Open to ideas about them also, anything to keep the server fresh

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So For Christmas, we’ll be hosting an air drop event once we break a server pop of 15, 1 air drop an hour until 12am, Merry Christmas… Get ready for The skygod drops

Still need some competition, servers been up since 12.19, avg server pop is about 5 a day :frowning:
still room to get that sweet spot. 24.7 admin… join us today