New old school

Because I can!

^ A moment we are going to miss.

Love how you replicated Goldsrc. blood splats.

Fucking win, man

But not attracting much comments. :stuck_out_tongue: Come on show your love to the oldies!

Ha Ha, this is great

Gone are the days…memories

I remember when I would play Deathmatch Classic.

I was that little 10 year old who mic spammed.

Ah, the days.

but you mic spam to this day…

Can’t stop what you have created, master.

Memories of the flying/levitating corpses, one tiny pixel managed to hold the body in perfect balance.

Original. :v:

Great idea and execution!

The first one i made was this:

Domnit I miss the days of good old 1.6
Now they even replaced the awesome models by shit CZ ones.

pets shoulder

Haha the last picture brings back awesome memories. I hated when i was doing that and one dickhead soldier threw a grenade tho.

And the horrible way how bodies didnt ragdoll. Wait… there was a time where they DIDNT ragdoll?!

This brings back memories…

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IT’S OKAY, DON’T PANIC. Get HL2 working and kill some Combine and MAKE SURE TO SEE THE RAGDOLLS.

[pants] Oh thank god… I thought 2012 came early!

this is good i want more!!