New on modeling

I wanted to start modeling but what program i should use and any tips and basic guides?

what kind of modelling are you going to do? how much are you willing to spend on a program if you are going to buy one?

Maybe moped model and copule guns
I can spend 25€ to program or more

Its any software you choose. Me personally its 3ds max. Im just more use to it. Blender is on steam and its free. So is 3ds max, but its student version. I havent really messed around with Maya except to get some CoD models.

I havent bought a software, and i’ve made a few guns. Also, do you know if there is a difference between student version and bought version? I have looked it up on google but found no answers.

the student version of 3DS Max can’t be used for commercial purposes (i.e. for money), as far as I know.
it’s still an alternative to other free programs, if you can access it.
if you can’t access the student version of 3DS Max, I would honestly recommend picking up Blender instead.

ahh. I’ve always wondered wtf you get for buying it. thanks!