New patch admin disconnects more stuff taken from console.

Okay so after the patch anytime I try to Teleport to someone to assist them I get disconnected pretty annoying but whatever I can live with it for now…

Now we can’t see the chat log in console along with Steam IDs which is retarded it was the best way to monitor chat and enforce the servers chat rules / kick / banids of people coming in to spam advertise or try to flood the server.

=So my question is this.

  • Is there a way to turn Chat log back on?
    -Why do I constantly get disconnected when I Teleport?
    -Why does console only act as view and no commands can be input into it instead I have to log in to kick/ban people through rcon.
    -Why even with connectionlog.all true does it not show the users steamid when they join my server?

–Now maybe this should be put into the server forum? I’m not a hundred percent sure however if I could get an answer I would appreciate it.