New patch facked the game, game is not working anymore

I mean the game is 100% broken now… not working at all. Come on devs, this is just ridiculous!!! WTF

Go outside. Breath.

Can’t they test this kinda update before releasing it and fackin thousand of people???

Chill guys… They know it, no need to spam with ten billions thread saying reporting the same thing.

new big update was running the best it ever has was getting 70 fps no lag then as always they do a little patch after and break it happens every time

new patch is out now to fix old patch

still cant join my normal server because the client is supposedly not up to date with the server

ggwp facepunch

same with me for london 1 but at least the game is working now and its just a few servers in need of sorting

Re-read until you achieve enlightenment. You are the tester.


That shit is so fcking old… Why do they have dev branch for ppl to test it and release it there before they give it to us?? You are saying its cool to release gamebraking half done shit to whole player base cuz this is Alpha?
They did such a good job with this patch was perfect this morning, game didnt lag at all fps was good, and i really liked how gun felt. Hope that they dont ruin it somehow.

Keep up with good work.

But. That’s exactly how early access works. You ARE the playtester.

I know i am but explain in to me why is there dev branch out there?? Its same shit as dayz, got dev branch where ppl can test shit then if they feel its good enough they give it to every1else. As far as i know everything worked great in dev last night, i watched stream and there was no bugs. I am not complaining about this patch as it was perfect for me, fixed some really bad bugs like lagging and stuttering.

I just hate when ppl say its alpha without even giving any answer to question guy asked.

They said on twitter they fucked just be patient.

You weren’t promised a bug-free experience, so stop whining as if you were.

Me and some friends are still having issues even after this last new update. It’s not connecting properly in the servers!

Now i see where u got ur posts from… Posting useless shit on forums instead of trying to help or explain it to ppl.

Where did i whine read what i said. Im happy with this patch i just hate ppl like u that keep saying its Alpha.

You didn’t. But obbnixilis did. And obbnixilis is who I was talking to until you jumped in.

Nobody is asking for a bug free but generally we dont have this kinda problem in Rust, they screw up hadly this time man… and if you like stuff that does not work it’s up to you dear!

This doesn’t address the question, and ends up sounding like more useless White Knight noise.

Why is there a “Dev” build? What is it used for? Does it still exist?

While it may have changed, the original purpose of the Dev build around the time that experimental went mainstream was to push out new changes real-time to a smaller footprint, to test for obvious bugs and functionality issues.

Allowing changes to bake in a limited build for several days before distributing them to potentially hundreds of thousands of clients is common f’ing sense, and asking why exactly this doesn’t happen isn’t whining. Having a big portion of your playerbase get shit on by a bad patch serves absolutely no purpose in terms of "playtesting". You don’t need 1000 people to tell you loudly what a dozen could have told you quietly.

Ah thank you man… You said what my English didnt allow me to say… I always see these kind of posts from these 10k+ post fanboys… Rust is gonna be in alpha prolly few more years and alpha shouldn’t be excuse for gamebraking buggs.

Cant wait to get home and see if its fixed or not