New patch - My main gripe.

So my main gripe with this new patch is that it is now impossible to place multiple doors behind one another. As a lone survivor this makes it impossible to survive when bandits decide to come raiding.

Last night I had a pretty nice house. It was over two floors and was connected by a staircase in the back. You had to go through the front door as well as three internal doorways to get to the stairs and each doorway had three doors in it (that’s 12 doors to break down!). This was enough to put off any bandit from trying to invade as the new food system means that unless they were geared for a full seige with loads of food they were never going to get in. It was a well laid out and well defended base.

So I log in this morning, notice that the server was wiped during the night, shrug my shoulders and thank the lord that I was wise enough to take all my building materials out of my storage boxes last night just incase the server was wiped. So I make a load of planks (took me about two minutes to realise that I needed to convert logs into planks in order to build now), built myself a shack with a doorway on each end so that I could rebuild my house, go to place an additional door down behind the front door and find that I am unable to do so. Go back a few feet and realise that they have made it impossible to place doors within a certain distance of each other.

If my friends had been wise enough to register when I told them to then this wouldn’t be much of an issue as we would be able to survive together. But as a lone survivor this takes away the probability of surviving by myself.

And don’t say “group up with other survivors!”. I don’t trust anyone but me and my close friends when it comes to games like Rust and DayZ! :v:

There needs to be a better way to fortify bases that makes sense, rather than just putting more doors in the way.

Oh ok apparently you can now make metal doors. Doesn’t that pretty much make most bases impenetrable now?

Good, making it more realistic and harder will make the kiddies go away and play easier games cough COD cough

Apparently so, yet nobody in chat seemed to know how to make them. So I killed about 30 zombies as well hoping to get the blueprint but no luck!

I’m all for setting up good defences, but at the moment they’re not really there.

There will obviously be a blueprint for it, its just going to be a very rare chance to get it because it will most probably be a impenetrable once you have it.

I found a metal door blueprint searching boxes in the a city, costs 80 metal fragments to make each door.

There we go, catastrophe avoided, have a nice day.

Im inclined to agree with OP. the multidoor system wasn’t perfect. But it was something. Now its one extreme or the other? Either getting in to your base is easy because you have a crappy wooden door… or its impossible because you have a steel one?