New pc for rust

Hi guys
I think soon buying new pc, and main game - rust
I’m poor man, because need inexpensive computer
i5 and gtx760 with 16gb enough for comfort game?
i’m sorry for bad/eng

I know people who play with a lot lower specs than that so it should be fine. I have read as the game is in the early access phase it is pot luck with how the game runs - you will just need to play around with the settings to get the best FPS. nVidia Experience has Rust listed in their games and should help with finding which settings are best to play with.

GeForce experiences optimal settings for rust are all wrong, GeForce experience believes that my 970 and 6700k with 16gb ram should only be running rust on medium settings, yet I play on the absolute maximum setting with a stable 80-90 fps, with only a few very occasional drops, so I wouldn’t suggest using GeForce experience’s optimal settings for rust, or for any Early access game for that matter.

That setup with the 2gb 760 should definitely be able to run rust on medium settings with 60fps at 1080p. But I doubt it will be able to play on high settings or max settings. However if you get the 4gb version of the 760 then you might be able to play on high settings, but max settings is definitely not an option for that setup. However it is different for everyone right now, and if you get a high end i5 like the 4690k or something equivalent, then you might even be able to play on max settings, but I wouldn’t count on it. If medium settings with a possibly of playing at high settings are fine with you, then go for it.