New people

I need people to help me with stuff on my videos.

>Voice Actor<
>Voice Actor<

Please reply and positive comments please and (dont say im stupid, because im not)

Well i have no idea how you expect positive comments when your title is “new people” and you ask people to help you with something and you dont even explain what it is. When asking for help at least say what you need the actor for, what the qualifications need to be, etc. not just “>Actor<” and before you do any of that make sure you video idea isn’t a robot chicken style video.

Sorry for that but no I am not doing any channel surfing vids. I just need people to help me out with stuff and I dont want to place 1,000,000 details because nothing happened the last time I did that.

You know, I really really really think that wasn’t the problem with your last idea. You definitely aren’t going to get more interest in posting zero details.
But hell, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Sign me up for an actor role in what I’m sure to be is the next biggest video.

I have to say, your avatar fits what you typed perfectly.

:l Im no butthole.

Yes you are

Guys ! Stop being so mean to him >:(

Thank you MandZ.
No one wants to help?

Well one of my freinds and me, are working on a server. But i would have to ask him first :smiley:

Ill join as a Sound effect guy if you need one

What kind of voice actor(s) are you looking for?