New Phaedo 82 banner - The beautiful world of Rust.

Rust is a wonderful savage land.
It was a real pleasure working with Phaedo.

I love this game.
Worked hard to hopefully capture the beauty of Rust.

16 vs 5 seems to be fair.

A very unlikely situation, however it’s a very artistic piece of work +1

There’s one more behind a rock on the far right. Might be a random, might be a spotter.

There’s probably at least two guys somewhere in the base shitting themselves and probably at least one guy (hopefully) running to fix the walls.
Don’t count them out yet.

Awesome drawing though, very well done.

I like the subtle nudges at vehicles and electricity. There’s a lot of hope in this painting.

There is 2 more in the window just below the topfloor, standing there, enjoying the view.

That’s amazing.