New Phasefour server!

**Hello everyone!

I just wanted to inform YOU about a NEW server running the popular Phasefour roleplaying mod!

** Ofcourse you would like to know more about the server and I will provide you with a Quick rundown of the features.

             Custom weapons! - Yes thats right, We are adding more weapons to the Schema all the time! Anything from "Homemade" weapons dealing low damage, to our new RPG, dealing explosive dammage!

             Bridged servers! - We have two servers ready for you! The first a "Lonewolf" server and a "Group" server!

             Friendly players and admins! - All of our admins are happy to help out no matter the problem. 

Please come and join the server at!

We’ve had some trouble populating the servers recently, so when you join, you will be one of the first! Sounds cool? Just join!

We also have Ventrillo servers set up, please read all you want about us @

This server is one of the best Phase Four servers I’ve played, about to play some now actually :slight_smile:

Might just be the fact that i’m a paranoid arse…
But you joined today, and your first post is in this thread by someone who has posted 3 times…
I’m most likely wrong but i sense foul play.

Same name type, same OS, registered this month, first post on a server ad, made by a person with 3 posts, who might be using proxies to hide his country. Yep, fake poster, same as OP.