new phys gun problum

ever sence the new update i cant pickup props that spawn with the map (with the phys gun) (mainly phys maps)
is there a way to fix it from doing this? (a concel code or something?)

Uhh do you have a variety of prop-protection or an admin plugin running? If you’ve got prop-protection and your not listed as an admin, you generally can’t interact with things that are owned by world.

i dont have any addons

Delete \garrysmod\ and re-install then. Hard to believe you don’t have any addons, as connecting to any sever would result in you downloading a ton, but what ever.

^ i know that wont work,
its something about the update that changes it
(btw spawned props work)

“I know that won’t work” not sure how you can know that, because there is a massive amount of problems that can be solved by reinstalling gmod. You have no addons, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

When you go into single player, don’t check “limited physgun”

its not checked, its like that by default

i dont know why its working like that

(in unrelated news the big blue gmod logo doent show up on the mainmenu anymore also

no one knows?

did you reinstall yet?