New Physics tool/stool

I think that it would be good to have like a physics function in Garry’s mod where you can set individual physic settings of props.

I think I’m getting kind of sick where you change a prop’s (my example is going to be a PHX train wheel) physical settings to “superice” and then bang the prop onto the ground it sounds like plastic… not metal but want it to slide easily along the ground because if a wheel turns too fast it goes through the map.

The reason that some people change the physics of some objects is because they might want the objects to bounce or to slide.

So I’ve gathered a list of what could be included in the tool/stool.

For example, you can change the:
[li]Sound (this can be a menu that can display all of the sounds that you can change for when a certain prop touches the map/prop)
[/li][li]Bounciness (This can change how bouncy the props are when they hit another object. This can be a percentage with 100% meaning that the ball never bounces more or less so it will always reach the same height and more will make it bounce more and more, while 0 would mean that it wont bounce when it hits the ground)
[/li][li]Friction (This is the main feature for why I change the physical propertys of props. So that they can make props slide easier. This setting can be again a percentage where 100% means that the prop’s edge/plane/vertex that toutches the map/a prop stops instantly and 0% means that it will never gain traction so it will never stop or speed up and -100% means that the pane/edge/vertex will increase velocity as soon as it toutches another prop/the map)

I think it would be useful to implement in the world of Gmod then having pre-defined ones.