[New Player] Animals Stone far away from the center?

Hi i started to play this game today and then i found out that its too dangerous near the standard spawn points.

So i run away from the starter location as far as i can get(more than an hour running) somewhere i noticed i was so far away noone will bother me(havent seen players for sometime) when i decided to start a base i found out where i was only had ******* Trees and nothing more no STONES no ANIMALS for food nothing only trees and then i died of hunger trying to go back to civilization :quagmire:

So this alpha stage the map is big but have animals and stone nodes only in the starter area? because i searched for hours and found nothing but trees out there.

Do they plan to populate the FULL MAP with animals and resources?

They could have done this map smaller if all the border areas are useless.

Yes, resources will expand in the future. Remember, this game is Early Access; it’s unfinished and some stuff doesn’t work.

I’ve been out there as well. You have to understand that the game is still in alpha and they have set up the map to a greater scale in advance so the conversion from a small map to a large one is faster.

It is not meant to be traveled. Yet.

However, feel free to gather resources and build out there. Less population means less chance of being raided.

I agree and disagree. We can’t have resources everywhere, that makes less conflict, less conflict = no fun. I say they they scatter dense areas of resources across the map, making gang wars over the controlled area, and constant battle for resources. I think trees should be an exception though, that and maybe wolves and bears because they’re violent. Need food that badly, better start killing…

He’s talking about the part of the map that is not yet made for gameplay yet. The current map is only a fraction of the map that will eventually be massive. At least massive in the sense of the dayz and arma 2 maps. The rest of the map has been laid out but for the sake of alpha stage, they only are using a smaller portion for easier and more efficient management. If you walk east for example, you can walk for a good 30 minutes until you reach the next coast. and there’s also regions to the north from there. The region that I’m speaking of has absolutely no resources besides trees.