New player problem with house building wonder i there is a solution

Well like any standard retarded new player I put a piller in the middle of my wall section on my foundation So I cant place a wall there now… Is there anyway to retrieve something you put down accidently or salvage it? Otherwise what are my options? beat on it for an hour with a hatchet to remove it?

Nope, pillars are indestructible

well damn lol

I did the exact same thing being a noob. So instead i built my house on stilts. It actually makes for a really cool house.

guess shooting out a window is an option then

Sure does. Just be aware that servers wipe often at the moment, so your building could be wiped so try not to much to much blood, sweat and tears into it.

i just wanted a shack to call my own not so much worried about losing it… my biggest problem is meeting up with friends I don’t know the map good enough

You’ll learn the map eventually, it’s really easy

Well, here you go:

Basically, there are like four or so radiated areas, all reachable through following the road. The road is a loop, so if your house is near it and you can’t find it, no worries.