New Player thoughts, lol

So for the past few days I’ve been watching some videos and have been really excited to try this game. I finally got it tonight and so far I’ve gotten killed by a wolf, I’ve starved, and I got gunned down while cooking my first batch of chicken breast…and I love it! I’ve never been big on PvP games. But it just makes total sense in this game. It is a survival game. I’m not sure why people whine about getting killed. Does it suck? Sure. But it makes me think harder about what I need to do to survive. I love the concept so far. For any old school BBS game players, it reminds me of TradeWars 2002. Anything can happen to you at any time.

Only thing that’s troubled me so far is lack of resources. Finding rocks to gather from has been specifically difficult. I once ran around for a good 15 minutes and couldn’t find rocks or anything to kill for food. Not complaining, just noting its difficulty. On the YouTube videos I watched they never seemed pressed to find these things.

Regarding rocks, you gotta learn the map. There are areas where almost none spawn, you gotta know where rocks spawn frequently. Welcome to the rust subforum by the way!

some areas spawn tons of resources while others may spawn none at all, being in the right place helps you find them.

Yeah I don’t get upset when I die, every death is a learning experience on what to improve on next time.

Well it kinda hurts when you got a base and people have 400 c4 ready to blow it up on sight.
Also the probability of hackers and glitchers is pretty high, I am scared to play because of unfair advantage of other players.

I am the kind of player who wants to stay out of sight and survive, not really possible because of the map size.

Not blaming anyone, its just an alpha. I just feel like other things should be in priority then adding in a patrol chopper ´;)

I’m sure I’ll learn all about having a base raided someday, now I’d just be happy enough to build my first Shack, lol. But yeah, I think I’m going to try and gather as many resources as possible and try to find a quiet hole in the world to hide in.

follow the road, find stones

i hate noobs complaining that they can’t find rocks, when it’s so easy lol

Yeah, it’s a little rough to start, but once you learn the map it’s a game changer. Knowing where everything is like house hiding spots, resource areas, etc. makes a big difference. Seems kinda daunting at first but within a week I had the whole place memorized.

I hate it when people complain about noobs complaining even though they aren’t actually complaining.

i didnt say you were -_-

Ah yes, Trade Wars! I ran my own BBS and ran a game myself. I know exactly what you mean. You just never know. Thankfully, thinking is your friend.

Firstly, pick a low population server to get you started. I recommend a 50 players max community server. Unless you want to die constantly and be PVP raped, stick with low population community servers. Pick one with 0 to 5 players so you can learn the map in relative safety.

  • First, secure food. Kill a few pigs and harvest them. Gather one or two nodes of wood. Find a hidden spot, right click and split the meat to cook it quicker in multiple slots in your campfire. This should give you enough food for awhile.
  • The best thing you can do is stay out of sight and stay away from the rad areas, except at night when you can slip in under cover of darkness. Players tend to be in their homes at night. Most everything you need you can get from zombies. You can kill zombies with the bow. A bow can be made after harvesting a few wood and stone nodes, same for arrows. Once you have those, find a nice hidden zombie spawn and harvest zombies. Study blueprints as you get them (right click/study).
  • Use research kits/paper to learn to make things you can’t find blueprints for.
  • As for resources… you need to familiarize yourself with resource hot spots and what areas are safe. Once you do that, you’ll find your niche because you know where to get resources safely.
  • Tuck a shack somewhere away from prying eyes and work toward having all tech. Once you do that, work toward metal pieces to build a more sturdy base.
  • Ally with others (optional).
  • When gathering resources, leave your good stuff at home and only take the tools needed for resource gathering. This minimizes gear loss if you do happen to be killed. Only take your gear with you when you plan on fighting other players.
  • Always be vigilant and move away from people who try to come near you. Use terrain to your advantage and disappear into the rocks/mountains. All of these things will get you where you need to be.

Finally a smart new player post. At least someone gasps the concept haha.