New player walking noises in rust

Hi chaps Just wondered what you guys would give your honest opinions of the new player walking sound and others

I feel that the player walikng sounds are very annoying they sound more like a another animal to me (what animal do you think lol)

also the bushes when its windy make a sound like there is a guy walking up behind you lol now thats annoying too

the ambiant crickets sounds and wind are too loud

this poll confuses me sneak :what:

so far i can only agree with the ambient sound // exspecially the windy one where you think there is someone behind you because of the cracking sounds.

but steps are perfectly fine in my onion :v:

All the new sounds makes me paranoid.

well hard to say the sound is somewhat ok, but sound more like the horses in a galloping, However the foot steps or the ambient sounds for terrain steps are great, sand , snow grass, bushes . gravel sounds! Great thumbs up!@ FP