New player with a few questions.

So, being somewhat of a new player to Garry’s Mod, I have a few questions.

  1. In the multiplayer server select screen, what is the difeerence between blue and green G symbols?

  2. Are some maps only allowed one game at a time? For example, how come there is always only one game using the gooniverse map?

  3. How do you change the mode to spacebuild in multiplayer? I go to options when selecting a map, and try selecting it as a gamemode, but I only see 4 options.

It would help me greatly if somebody could possibly answer these questions.

Blue map icon are maps you HAVE I believe. And you might not have installed spacebuild right.

Certain maps aren’t very widely used and as such only have one or two servers using them. For spacebuild, you’d need to download it elsewhere from an svn.

Thank you. I already have Spacebuild though. Do I have to download a separate game mode to actually use it?