New Player with some Questions


I’ve recently begun playing GMod and have some (okay, quite a few) questions, mainly pertaining to addons–

  1. Some addons and maps, such as the “Half-Life 1 Renaissance” addon, have files to stick in the base garrysmod\garrysmod\ directories, e.g. in the materials\ and gamemodes\ directories. Will they still work okay if I make a new directory for their files in addons\ instead of extracting to garrysmod\garrysmod\ ?

  2. If I make a listen server for a friend to join, will the addons I have download automatically if he doesn’t have them – and, if so, is it still better for him to get larger ones like PHX on his own? If they won’t download automatically, does he need them at all to join – and what happens if he joins without them and I spawn their props?

  3. Will other players see custom player models that are not on the server?

  4. Is there any way to make dead NPCs stay as ragdolls on a listen server? Console variables seem to already be set to 1 and the menu option says singleplayer only. Also, why is it that even with P2P damage off we can still eventually kill each other with hand weapons?

  5. Can I set props or NPCs to be admin-spawnable only? Nihilanth isn’t something I want anyone to spawn at will.

  6. Will Advanced Duplicator only work on servers that have it installed, or is it clientside?

  7. Does Nuke Pack 4 currently work? The thread for it seems to imply that it’s had crashes after some update or another.


  1. No.

2)It will download any add-ons on the server to his computer, but he can’t use them while he is playing alone. Even if it is PHX, it will give it to his computer, it will just take a hella long time.

3)They can’t spawn them if they aren’t on the server. EX: If I have Kermite’s pistols, and the server doesn’t, I can’t pull it out. If I have master cheif ragdolls and the server doesn’t, I can’t spawn it.

4)Just set “Keep Corpses” to 1 (box checked), I think. And I’m not sure.

5)I think it takes LUA scripting.

6)Only on servers that have it. Even then, you can’t use your personal things you have installed for it.

7)I don’t know cause I don’t have it.

I don’t know everything, but I tried to help. Your welcome.