New Player


Just got Rust last night and my main problem is choosing a server.
Related to server, if I start on one server and then switch to another, would I be able to keep all my equipment/inventory?

I was also wondering if anyone could advise me on what server to choose. What I am looking for in a server is as follow:

-no wipes
-preferably runs Rust:IO and the Rust: IO-Clans plugins
-large server

As I mentioned, I am really a new player.

Thank you


You cannot take item or blue prints from server to server.

Wipes are inevitable, but can be minimised.
Best to choose a modded server for plugins. Note that these servers are prone to wipes.

hmm. So when wipes occur, is everything completely deleted? and players have to restart from scratch?

Any suggestions on a good server? I am also considering starting a Rust clan for my community, so I would need a server where recruitment is allowed…

Yes! everything is gone for everyone.

Its hard to recommend a good server. There is a site that people vote on which servers are good. (maybe someone can post the link as I cannot remember it)

When choosing a server I usually look at the Ping and activity.
It all depends on where you are. I am in Australia so I choose Aussie servers.
the one I currently play on is Planet Rust.

As far as I am aware, you can recruit on all servers.

just to clarify, it is possible to wipe a server while retaining each players found BP’s, but a wipe MAY erase everything.

True, I should have mentioned that.

So a wipe could completely delete any and all progress made by players and/or clans?..Don’t mean to be negative, but doesn’t sound very much sandbox or allowing long progress…

Personally I like the idea of Eve type sandbox where everything remains no matter what…I just don’t like the idea of getting something done and then the next day it is wiped away because of a server wipe.
Any servers not doing any wipes? Why would server wipes be needed?

You’ll feel differently after you play for a while. The race to end-game is a blast, but end-game itself is pretty boring. Wipes keep things exciting.

It will eventually have this but the game is still in development and the wipes are required to put in the new changes. Prov3rbial has a good point too. It’s really fun to play this way for right now. There is definitely a part of me that will be sad when this game is finished.

I recommend giving it a try for now and if you hate it then take comfort that one day there won’t be a need for wipes :slight_smile:

I have never seen the Rust servers admin settings. Any specific wipes options? any servers not doing wipes or only doing them when required by the devs?

The issue I see with wipes is it doesnt allow to have a long term war of attrition for example, conquests, defenses and so forth. And end game is what one makes of it. For clans, it could be conquests, overwhelming and full control of servers and so forth…

Anyway, going to look at the servers and see which server I would start on…

I’m sure you can find servers with fewer wipes, but you can expect them to be laggy, and in many cases totally locked down by a ruling group. The population will probably be in decline because of those two things. It’s honestly not worth it.

EDIT – It sounds a little like you get attached to what you build and find. I’m going to tell you straight up that you are, at some point, going to lose everything to raiders. They’ll take your house and all your stuff. I know it sounds kind of intimidating, but it’s one of the features that makes the game great. That means you’re going to have to get accustomed to losing everything (or join a PVE server, but they’re awful, don’t do it) from time to time.

I am not really attached to things. Not sure if I mentioned, but I am an Eve Online player and I am used to griefing, losing things and so forth. But at the same time, if there are constant wipes, any progress made is rendered null and void…

Some wipes are required by changes made by the devs in updates. Other wipes are discretionary. I can’t tell you how many times I joined a server (in Legacy days) that claimed “no wipes” only to wipe a few days later.

There tends to be a large influx of new players after a server wipe, and then as clans start to take over and solidify, some players leave for greener pastures. The server owner sees a decline in playership and then feels sad and realizes they can stimulate more activity by wiping…

So even if a server says “no wipes” that’s not always true.

Good luck.

Yup. But this is one of those, “value the journey rather than the destination,” kind of deals.

There is a forced wipe every month or so. This is a design quirk and I am sure it will stop eventually. For the most part these wipes come with game-changing updates, for example when the map generator is modified or when new mechanics that would void current progress are made.

Lots of admins out there only wipe at those times. The BPs are almost always admin choice… I been on a server here for 2.5 months or so and there as yet to be a BP wipe.

Like others said never wiping gets a bit boring… Clans end up with city-sized bases and chew everyone up, new players are driven away by this and pop starts suffering and you end up with a dead server pretty quick.

There is also a limit to how much building parts can exist. Decay helps with that but not entirely.

Don’t mean to turn this thread to pro/cons of wipes, but here is my thinking.
When clans end up with city sized bases and control most of a server, that is where a guerrilla type of play comes in handy and that is where no wiping ever comes. Think of it this way:

-Clan Alpha controls server 1
-player John (new or experienced) doesn’t think it is fair and starts to do guerrilla warfare on the clan, targeting clan locations which are not protected and such. Pretty soon, John gathers a group of players from that server who are not in a clan and are willing to work together to kick Clan Alpha’s behind…

The above type of play is really only possible with no wipes because then Clan Alpha would have much to lose/defend and the rebels much to gain/control.

Anyway, will probably connect and see what server seems attractive…

Eh. Maybe, but it never seems to work out that way and, as has been said, populations start to plummet. There’s always good fun with organizing a massive bash on the server leaders, though, so maybe that would keep your server kicking.