New Forum link.

cant find the link on the new website yet, =)… just checking,… maybe im a dumb ass.

Was going to post about this! or maybe I’m dumb too :slight_smile:

i agree, i need it

There’s a new site :o? Where?

Have you tried to access the same url from older one?

If you go to it’s the new site.

The old site is still available via (according to garry’s post today)

Talking about the new website or just the link to get to the forums? Cause the forums link is in the same spot.

This is the new website of Rust. It has their trailer, old website, etc.

Oh yes I know that. I’m just trying to figure out if OP is talking about the new website or just the forum link.

ok :3

There isn’t a new forum for Rust, this still is the forum.