New poster pack

Well i was first planning to do my own personal skin but i got to lazy and have no clue for a suited model yet , anyway on topic I’m willing to make a new poster pack for gmod , even though there are already a few poster’s on but i’m don’t like every one , when done i will upload the packs for the public to. Making the poster’s is the easy part for me but my problem is i can’t seem to get them to appear in-game nor do i have a clue to make a spawn list so i was hoping somebody could help me with this.

At the moment i got the following poster’s done:

-1 iron man movie poster
-a venom poster
-a war machine poster

and i have around 40 others ready to be made into posters , though these are not just some picture’s i found on google but either high quality wallpapers or art works

there will be 3 types of posters


i hope somebody is willing to help me with this project

Well I hexed most of the other poster packs your referring to so i’m sure I could help if I knew what the problem was you were having. Also do you mean you are making a new model for the posters? or are you just doing the same as me?

doing the same that you are : i put the texture file in \poster\materials\models\posters and leave what’s in models the same place. i also noticed that at 1 file i got a material file and a texture file while i have no idea how i got that material file from

This hexing tutorial I made tells you how to hex posters :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure what you mean about the textures and materials, do you know the basics of material/texture editing for source?

thanks i´ll see what i can do after reading the tutorial and no this is the first time i actually did something for source , i´m more used to the engine used in JKA