New Prison and Chainlinkwalls

Thanks for them they are great perfectly done!! Here is my Request could we get them as floors too?

How would they be different to say, a sheet metal floor?

Next update.

He is talking about grill floors, as we have read around the forum, they are to get here in one of the future updates.

I can’t seem to find a use for these except for clans who have it made and want to make some stuff for shits and giggles. Maybe you can make an area to shoot out of secure but there are better ways to do it.

you can shoot through and thats a huge difference

These could be useful for walls. For example, before, if you wanted to build an external wall on the outside of your base, you would have to work very hard to get it. Now, you can use chain walls which work just as well.

Am a bit confused, it sounds like not one of you guys saw those:

It seems they are ready for the thursday update.

Why are the chainlink walls so expensive. I want use chainlink walls to protect my quarry, but sheet metall walls are cheaper and have better protection.