New problem : bind g "ent kill"

I’ve learn a command from F1type : bind g “ent kill”. The command works, but I’d like to cancel keyboard binding. What should I do? Thanks for helping!

so you are an admin, and you are trying to remove entities, but you don’t want it bound to g? it’s not really clear what you want. admin
the command can bind the keyboard but can not unbind.
Invalid command:unbind 1 “noclip”

just bind the key again without a command listed

Navigate to Rust folder then edit the bind in cfg/keys.cfg

Ah ent_kill… reminds me of my good old half life 2 deathmatch scripting days.

thank you.
Yes, I solved it.
bind 1 noclip
bind 2 debugcamera
bind 3 ent

bind 1 +slot1
bind 2 +slot2
bind 3 +slot3

why my bind key always reset ? i do writecfg in the console after…but at each game reboot thats not work anymore !? and yes in cfg files i see bind Q ent kill correctly