New project !

Hello everyone.

For everyone who likes massive PvP in Rust are at a loss now due to the fact that you’ll almost never see anyone on servers. We’re looking to bring the old Rust gameplay back with frequent PvP, skilled players and a populated server.

I’m here to explain a new project for a massive PvP server where you can spawn in wood planks, P250 and potentially other weapons (not exactly decided, yet). Essentially, just items to help you get a start so you stand a chance against larger groups on the server, where as on most servers you’ll find yourself starting over from scratch often.

Things to be decided/worked on:

  • A safe trading system: for weapons and other material/items

If you’ve any ideas, please feel free to suggest them. We just want your opinion to see this project will/can work as it’s important to us.

Thank you for reading.

I think it can be a good idea !