NEW Prop Hunt server!

Awesome prop hunt, with random maps!

Admins active!

Please do not be stupid and please be calm, this is ment to be fun and we try to keep that way. Please do not join to wreck avack, just have fun :slight_smile:

There are so little of these servers with this game modes I think this game mode it awesome so I decided to put it on one of my servers here it is:

Join us: Connect:

Its nice to see something other than darkrp for a change. I’ll have to check out the server sometime. :bravo:

xD Wooh :slight_smile:

I love fretta. Will check this out.

I have never played this hardly before. It is fricking awesome!

you do not do this here.

everyone with that justin bieber avatar so far is dumb.

What Justin Bieber avatar? wtf you on about :S

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If your on about this

I have never changed it so…

Its not hard to change the avatar. Justin Beiber does not make anyone instantly the most liked person on Facepunch.

What the hell are you on about I don’t care about my avatar :|, I don’t even like Justin Beiber he is a little fag who thinks he is cool ^^, Stay on topic :stuck_out_tongue:

so why is he your avatar
do you love him

do you secretly fap furiously to the thought of justin bieber singing a song about you

I don’t understand, how does my avatar look like Justin Beiber? :S

because your avatar IS justin bieber

Its the new default avatar, ALL new members got it if you haven’t noticed.
Garry (Or someone else) felt humerous.
So stop flaming the guy.

i’m not, i’m just explaining to him that it’s justin bieber

“He doesnt care”


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Holy fuck my avatar is acturlly Justin Beiber now, it wasn’t him before that, It was a furry thing with glasses. I am changing this…

Wow, its a dog ass with sunglasses, how could you think its a furry!?

I don’t know, I just did. It doesn’t matter stay on topic please :3

wow…just…wow… :psyduck:

It didn’t change for me :S it was still that ‘dog’ with sunglasses