New prop model. I need help portingit. I am not a Microsoft user. Do not suggest any windows programs period.

Dear reader, I am trying to import a model of my own design into Garry’s Mod. My problem is that I do not have ANY Microsoft products, and desperately hate them.
I am attaching a link to a zip file with a green texture, and a custom model that needs to be converted using studiomdl. Do not fail me or hate on me for this. I am NOT a squeaker or a noob. Also attached as a reward is a Swep package that has to be locally installed without the workshop. The link for the model files is here. The link for the swep is here.

You can get a Windows XP key for like $10 and install VirtualBox with an XP Virtual machine to contain your hatred for Microsoft products in a pandoras’ box. In your box of evil, you can use all of the tools that don’t work natively on Linux.

Or you can try your luck with WINE, which may or may not work.

I smell virus.

I cannot install XP as my optical drive is busted, and I cannot download iso’s on my slow connection.

Invest in wine?

Wine does not work with studio mdl. The first link has the uncompliled model and a green texture as png in it, while the second has my scripted weapons in it. use studiomdl.exe and after making a .qc to compile the model into a .mdl, then Email me a zip file containing the results. Please do this, as I have no windows machines or emulators that work. All of you that posted are windows users, so please help me. Let me know if you can find a modeler who will convert this .smd for me. My email for conversions is

Get an external optical drive, they’re dirt cheap.

And that’s why flash drives exist, you can download from elsewhere and bring it home. You can also install Windows from a flash drive using Rufus.

I got xp on virtualbox, and studiomdl does not work. I have tried everything, and it always fails. Please compile the smd model file for me, and email it to me.

Uh, what.

92,126 polygons

Yeah that’s not going to compile, ever. This model took MAX 45 minutes to import on a quad core. Why did you even store it as a SMD? It’s a terrible proprietary format.

So what we have here:

  1. Garbage model with far too many polygons. Studiomdl starts choking around 30,000 polygons. Assuming by some fluke it even compiles, the Source engine will die completely with just one of these anywhere in the map.
  2. No collision model so the model won’t compile regardless.
  3. The model doesn’t have a UVW map, nor any sort of texture to go with it.
  4. There is no QC for the model, so you can’t even attempt to run Studiomdl with it.

That model really needs smoothing groups, too. If it’s just a little table prop, it’s probably not even going to be 500 polygons if it’s properly remade.

On a side note, models don’t need collision models to compile properly. Various hats I did for Pointshop never had physics models since the model is always attached to the player. They’re just spawned as effects instead. A collision model for that vase(?) would be really easy to make.

Maybe he’ll get lucky and find someone who will remake the model for him. But between his terrible case of appleitis and “I can’t do anything, pls do it for me” attitude, the chances of it are pretty low.

I think the only real problem is the sudden elitism against Microsoft. It turned into an “I don’t want that” rather than “Sure, I’ll at least try.” Most heavy development tools for this kind of thing are made for Windows. It’s silly to just blow all attempts to do anything aside because of a bias against Microsoft.