New Props vs Humans server!


[release][Le’]ChocolateHome Totally Props -[/release]

New Props vs Humans server is up! I will try hold up the server as much as possible.
The server so far is switching between all the CSS maps, else there’s not much to say.
If it won’t get any popular at all, i will switch to another gamemode.
(I accept suggestions for other gamemodes to be run on it!)

Anyway! have fun! :yarr:

Here’s a link for a beta test video;
as mentioned in this thread:
This is a beta, but playable :slight_smile:

I did NOT create this and do NOT take any credit, I ONLY own the server!
All credit goes to - RepoOne - for creating this wonderful thing :slight_smile:

Server needs atleast 2 players to begin the mod

[release]Here’s some pictures[/release]


Uhm, I’m currently seeing that, the server isen’t running great at all(Very low population maybe, 1 player every third day?) I would like to take suggestions about other gamemodes you would like me to host!

Chocolate Home is up for more challenge :slight_smile:

Finally a original server! This was played in the days back so much, and it was very very fun.

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Update: Well i can’t actually connect to the server is it offline? I hope not because this seems very good at least it’s not another generic deathrun/darkDM server.

I can put it up meanwhile i find another gamemode, it requires 2 players to play though.
And if it gets populated, i will keep it like this

I’m sorry, the server is really low populated and I will be shutting it down until I find another gamemode, if you have a gamemode that’s maybe forgotten or haven’t been played for awhile. I will put up a original server with the specified gamemodes, Thanks :slight_smile: