New PVP High End Server! No Wipes!

Freshly modded and up and running right now. Server started at 7:50pm Feb 4th 2014! GOGOGO



Chicago based PvP Rust Server on a empty server and pushed to 300 slots. We paid extra for private server and upgraded hardware to ensure 100fps server side.

+Our server is running on a stand alone dedicated machine that boasts being able to handle over 400 players at one time.

+We have mods that allow us to add minerals to places on the map they aren’t normally allocated to. This will open the entire map rather than over crowding certain areas around cities and roads.

+We have the most active and available admin staff in the game. Our admins and server mods allow us to be paged, ticketed and messaged at a drop of a dime. Hacking, grieving and breaking the rules are almost a non issue and are handled extremely quickly.

+Our servers are actively moderated which allows our extremely active admins the ability to remove structures that no longer need to be part of the map.

We host a series of events and activities that others don’t:
-Arena Events
-Hunger Games Scenarios
-High Threat or High Value Targets with Bounties(Bounty Hunting)
-Death or Kill Ratio Tracked Stats
-Increased Plane Drops during peak hours
-Our server also allows us to play for weeks and months before a server wipe. Nothing is more frustrating then starting a server and having everything wipes after each update. If we wipe we allow our players to keep their learned skills/patterns for use in the fresh server.

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Mods aren’t up quite yet, Oxides websites are down :frowning:
We are still on with a fresh server though!