New Rag Doll System (Only my SNPCs)

Hello everyone this is just thread for my SNPCs new Rag Doll System.


  • Can be picked up with Physgun
  • It is collided with Props
  • It Shows were you shoot unlike other RaDolls
  • Player and SNPC/NPC(s) Will not collide with it
  • No Lag! (Look at the picture)



Picture of dead drones with no lag!

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Other Information:
If you people do not know what is this please stop putting as “Dumb”

Thanks for Reading. This is made by: Me (Vrej, also known as Dr. Pepper With Cherry)

Or, you can use the keep ragdolls and it works on all SNPCs and contains the features you have.

No Chessnuts, With the keepRagdoll option trhe player and the NPCs collides wich is problematic when you’re in a base and need to pass a corridor full of bodies.

This is a small code for my SNPCs and I just made a small thread for it.

You people need to realize that this basically acts like keep ragdolls, with the main exception that players and other npcs don’t collide with them, which is actually very useful.

Thank you! Someone understood me!

Wrong, the NPCs will still collide with the corpses, often resulting in death because of the sucky physics engine.

only problem is that if you kill too many npcs is that it lags the fuuuuck out of your game

it would allow people to spawn a bunch of ragdolls to crash servers by going around a set npc limit

It lags? Did you even test it out? It does not lag It shouldn’t lag!

whats the addon with your hud?

That’s SharpeYe.