New Ragester RP Server

We will be starting a new RP server soon. It will be a 32 slot 24/7 gm_construct server. The caln server’s name is Ragester. Just search for it in the next couple of days. It’ll be great! Check out are site - - might be down for maintenance. :smiley: smiles :smiley:



Need more info.

What gamemode is it?

Dark RP. It has CSS realistic shipments and you can buy single guns of each of the shipments. It’s gonna be GREAT!!!


It will be Dark RP. You can spawn single funs and it have css realistic shipments and a ton of guns. It’ll be great!


It will be Dark RP. You can spawn single funs and it have css realistic shipments and a ton of guns. It’ll be great!



I don’t see the connection between “a ton of guns” and great RP. Sure, some guns would be fine, but if you’re handing them out for free, you might as well call it deathmatch.

I never said that. You still have to buy them I just meant alot more shipments of guns and stuff so alot more different varieties of guns.

More guns doesn’t make RP, if you cannot RP with the default selection (maybe replacing just them with RCS as it kicks ass) then you need to re think your idea of RP. And don’t go addig stupid crap like “assasin” to classes as that is a moron magnet.

Guns Guns Guns…

I see it as another darkRP server. Poor quality post, Tons of weapons…
The weapons arent the most important thing on RP

You guys dont have to be jerks you know…

Okay… why dont check this link?

I never thought I’d jump on the bandwagon, but this is just getting ridiculous.

There are tons of these sort of servers out there, and nobody plays on them.

Just merge or something, stop advertising shit that’ll disappear within the week.

It wont stop being complete jerks i just wanted to tell you guys about my server not get insulted!

Your server is crap. Lots of guns and RP do not equal a good server.

They’re not insulting you, they’re just telling you that this is just another generic DarkRP server that no one is gonna play. There are so many other DarkRP servers out there… what makes this one so special?

and this, of course.

And gm_construct? Come on man.

Happy 3,000.

Its not crap. And you guys are probably just saying this because you hate RP. So just stop saying that my server is crap. I dont wanna hear it. I only wanna hear positive things. Thats why I posted this. Not to get negative feedback that my server is crap.


Its not all time gm_construct.

If you only want to hear positive things you’re not gonna hear anything at all.
We’re trying to tell you that lots of guns do not result in good role play, and you’re not listening.

Hey, if you don’t like it, then don’t fricking play it I really don’t care there are a ton of people out there who would love that kind of server so go ahead, say your crap I couldn’t care less but remember I really don’t give a crap.

It’s gonna be crap.