New - Raining in rust

seeing some pictures in Trello realized it was raining …
That means we can expect rain soon :smiley:
By the way nice Rocks!!

I didn’t see this with a quick glance about, do you have a link?

Looks so nice i can’t wait :slight_smile: hope they add snow too

Man, Rust is looking better and better all the time.

I told people to just be patient, month after month. :v:

Here is the Trello card. It’s in the art trello.

That’s dope!


Holy crap that looks awesome. I’m loving the medieval/rust terrain style. Much better than the current one. Cant wait to test all this on experimental <3.

Any info regarding rust soundtrack? both music and sounds. I think 50% of the art is also about how you listen to the environment. I seriously wanna hear a wolf howl at night.

Could that be snow? (does really look like rain tho)

They have been doing a lot of tests on snow, and the code has been going into experimental branch over the last 24 hours,

Just set this picture as my desktop background at work. so preetttyyy <3

I love the rain, but what I am more excited about is that they are also apparently implementing a fog system to accompany rain-storms. Going to be interesting to see how that affects stealth/visibility - for mobs, as well.

Wow that looks incredible! I hope the experimental server catches up soon, I’m really getting a hankering for some Rust.

Fog would be so creepy to walk around in, never knowing what you might walk headfirst into…

Flooding would be a cool feature if you were in a valley or low area near the water.

“Fuck, I got flooded. It’s going to take me ages to dredge all my guns up and my cooked human flesh will be ruined.”

Noticed that too, boy am I excited for everything thats about to hit experimental. Already spent there almost as much time as I did on the old rust :smiley:

Sounds nice, but I don’t think thats gonna happen. Would be kinda hard to pull off in unity.

Yea, especially since the water level is an arbitrary value that can be easily changed.