New Ratings

Hey, I just came up with some new ratings for posts (The icons at the bottom right of posts) and I threw some old ones in too.

Name | What the icon would be| Discription

1.Ninja’d | (Ninga face) | When someone posts something, basically exactly what you were going to say, before you.

2.Golden Star | Star | Give someone a gold star for being awesome :smiley:

3.Mingebag | Dr.Kleiner | Give someone a mingebag rating whenever their post is pure crap.

4.Video King | Film with crown | Give someone the Video King because they are the greatest at making videos!

5.Screenie King | Screenshot with crown | Give someone the Screenie King because they are awesome at making photos!

6.Comic King | Comic strip with crown | Yay! Someone made the best comic ever! Wait… Where is the Comic King button? OH NOES! :smiley:

  1. Akward… | (…) | Did you just say that baby has a super awesome umbilical cord?

8.That’s News! | Newspaper | Hot off the presses!

  1. No Answer | Smiley (scratching head) with “?” above head | Umm… I dont know where Santa was born.

  2. Speechless | Wide eyed straight mouth smiley | That… was… AWESOME presses play again

Any post rating you want to make? Post 'em here!

This doesn’t belong here. You are doing it all wrong.


Ill give you a kleiner face


The fucking