*NEW* Red Nation [PVP/Oxide/Econ/Sleep/Drop5+/SteamAdmins]

Hello everyone,

We are just a group of steam gamers that couldn’t stand all the crap going on in the other servers, so we made our own! For now, we rent like everyone else, but the future plan is to move it on to our home server dedicated to Rust once the files are released. But until then, we need people! Why us you ask?

Active Steam Admins - there are 3 admins to the server at the moment and all 3 are on and available for assistance on steam, NO ADMIN ABUSE
Removal Tool
Econ - Low prices, start with $100 instead of receiving a starter kit
Air Drops - with 5 or more people, you can buy a supply signal (very costly of course), or by luck, find it in a crate (very low % on that)
Sleepers On
Leader boards

Those are what’s in the server now (along with a few other random tools). What’s going to be on the server soon and in the works?

Arena - we will have an arena with either weekly or bi-weekly events (haven’t decided on anything with that, working on building it)
Rare Military - that is mostly good right now, but obviously, as we are a new server, the loot tables are still a work in progress
Up to suggestions from regulars

This server is meant to be played as if you were stranded on an island trying to survive with random boxes of goodies everywhere. The only difference from the hardcore servers is that this one isn’t based on an apocalypse to say. We are not playing it as there is nothing left, you just have to work for what’s already there. I hope everyone enjoys this server and if there are any questions, feel free to ask. Also, feel free to add me on Steam (SeeRed15) if you need anything.


I support this message. Server has many possibilities!


Econ has been dropped for a market system
Leader boards has been taken down, rankings are up
Arena is still a work in progress
A town is up and is the main reason of this server (to create towns)

Town includes:
Mall (all stores free for players to use and may have more than 1 based on supply)
Town Hall (includes a police station and meeting rooms for groups, admins, and players)
School (if players need tips from others or admins, plus another meeting area)
Apartment Buildings (encouraged over shelters so a community is built)
Event Center (Clubish looking, hold any kind of event and anyone may hold it, just needs an owner)

Soon to come:
Police Station (there will be certain rules set and if not followed will end up in jail for a short duration and also lose some equipment, raiding will be allowed and pvp so it’s not that strict)
Arena (as stated above)
Church (one admin wants to be a priest, not sure what he plans to do with that)
Hunting Towns (tbd)
Admin Gift Buildings (will be free to everyone and contain camp fires, work benches, and a furnace)

Yes this may be a lot for 50 people, but thought process is I will upgrade the server with more slots when needed. Most likely if it reaches over 100, I will be asking for donations since it may get costly for a student (but that’s farther down the road most likely and I’ll cross that bridge when it comes).


Another Update:

The arena is complete (it’s different than most as it’s an open arena with no plugin, admin run, policed by police force, will begin when enough people are online)

Police Station is almost done (just need the admin to get on to finish it later this week)

The Hunting Town is complete, I will add more to them and add more towns as more people get online

Admin Gift Buildings are all complete