New Release: [Overwatch] Reaper, Abilities, Model, Weapon and voicelines!

Hey, I was working on this workshop addon for around 3 days now, finally released it!
Come and subscribe!

Overwatch | Reaper, Custom Voicelines, Abilities, Weapon and Model!

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This is still in beta, so it may not look like top notch. But it works perfectly.

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Oh and please read description if this isn’t working for you! (of the addon)

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If you guys can, please reply if you have Errors, want more stuff, and please rate it! So I can get it out in the community! (More people can see it)

Addon includes:

  • 160 Voicelines!
  • 4 abilities from the Reaper in Overwatch!
  • A really shitty HUD, with custom bind tools.
  • Requirements from other addons.

That’s pretty impressive.

Thanks :smiley:

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Leave a rating if you like it :stuck_out_tongue:

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BTW, exporting like most reaper skins from overwatch.
and its almost finished.

Update coming soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Im actually curious, how did you code all this? The past weeks you’ve been asking help and all of a sudden you bring this out…

Keosan, I understand I am always in need of code. But every thread is a question on how to do something, that I cant find after researching. Funny enough, I found alot of things I need to know about how to do this in research, and remembered from all the past things I have asked for.

This is 100% from, except for the models if you read the description *

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As well I am planning of making Rein Heart next,

After I finish making the materials for Reapers Wraith form because the current material is really ugly, and as well, making reapers guns fall off reload, creating orbs when a player dies. (Eatable)

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And, most of my code is just NWInt checks with timers… lol

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if you’r still curious this is how I made that ugly figure when you shadow step, if you have used the addons of course.

	local rep = ents.Create( "npc_eli" )
	if ( !IsValid( rep ) ) then return end 
	rep:SetPos( Vector( ply:GetEyeTrace().HitPos ) )
	rep:SetModel( "models/player/tfa_ow_reaper.mdl" ) 
	rep:SetMaterial( "models/shadertest/shader4" )
	rep:SetHealth( ply:Health() )
	rep:SetName( "reaper_ent" )
	net.Start( "smoke_teleport" )
		net.Send( ply )
	ply:EmitSound( "weapons/reaper/from_the_shadows.wav" ) 

  • bump *

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  • bump, to get more people to enjoy the addon *

(User was banned for this post ("dumb bump" - Craptasket))

So we just hit 300 subs, and 10 positive reviews :D, for of course my first workshop post…

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400 sweet

The workshop says “hi”.

yeah I replied

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There error is the fact that they arn’t holding the shotguns…

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Just reached 445 after you told me about my community saying hi. By this after I fixed the error I got more help, thanks alot!

You know, I am going to make a deal with my self.
My hole life, all I wanted to do was make other people happy, as other people never made me happy.
It might sound, sad. But actually, I love it. I am 15 year old, lua coder. Who forgets how to code and heads to facepunch 20% of the time, to get help from magnificent people.

From this day on, all my addons will be free on the workshop.
I just reached 650 subscribers, I am so grateful. For my first addon, that is on the workshop!
Thank you, facepunch community for helping me, hit my goal.

Thanks, Jacob.

Shouldn’t this be posted in the addon thread?

And why are players forced to bind keys?
If you coded this right the player wouldn’t have to bind anything.

How do I move threads? and, people want to be able to choose what keys each ability uses.
You should know that if I bind ability1 to the W key people won’t be very happy.

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Oh and you’r very salty, just be happy someone has made something better then you.
Not that I care who has the better addons, I just care if the community (not one person) is happy.

Most players don’t want to fiddle with binding commands. The W key is kind of an absurd counter example TBH.

Regardless, I think it’s cool that someone’s making something other than another goddamn DarkRP Hud or an aimbot.

And now I’m going to be a bit of a cynical asshole: I wouldn’t worry about what the community wants or thinks. The most you’ll get from a million subscribers is more bitching and really bizarre requests. That’s what I was kind-of trying to point out with my earlier post. Just make what you want and don’t worry too much about pleasing everyone.

PS: Saying that you made something better than The Commander might be a hard claim to substantiate.

PPS: You should probably just message a mod about this thread and the other one in the releases forum if you want this moved.

zzz I am an idiot.
Sorry if I was an asshole. I just thought The Commander was being a dickhead.
I’ma go whip up a shitty vgui that allows auto binding.


No, I wasn’t being a dick head I was stating the truth.
Also making a claim that you make better addons than me is silly and something you can not prove.
No one here is interested in what your subscription count is.

Anyone can make some silly swep and call it something edgy to get a million subs.

Right, he has a high subscription count but bad ratings.