New render stuff - fog

When I used RenderX I would use code like this:

local fog = {
ColorPrimary = Color(176, 192, 202, 255),
ColorSecondary = Color(206, 216, 222, 255),
Direction = Vector( 1, 0, 0 ),
Start = 0,
End = 100,
Enable = true,
Blend = true,
MaxDensity = 0.7,
LocalPlayer():SetFogParams( fog );
LocalPlayer():SetFogParamsSkybox( fog );

But I would like to be able to distribute my gamemode without having to include renderx.

I thought the gmod update was the solution to my problem, having renderx included. However, the SetFogParams function wasn’t included.

I tried using the fog command that were included, but I can’t get any of them to do anything.

Can someone post an example that works?


I didn’t want to include them because they appeared to be networked. I didn’t look deep into the subject though. But at first glance I didn’t want to include something that altered networked data on the client.

What am I doing wrong with the included fog commands then?