New Roleplay Gamemode -- Taking Suggestions/"Do Nots"

I’m going to start working on a new roleplay gamemode to pass the time when I’m bored (so yes, it will probably take a while. It’s not going to be an important project that I am going to work on extremely frequently). I want some suggestions and some “do nots” (stuff that should NOT be added). Thanks for your input. When everything is over, in an “about” menu in the game mode, I will put all of the suggestions made by everyone with their FP names to show my appreciation for your help.

I want to make something that would be a place where people can relax and just have fun (no extreme seriousness, but also something that won’t attract young children who DM).

I would suggest adding something like in perp where you can grow drugs, and add a radio so you have something to listen to while you grow drugs.

How about there’s no predefined jobs and everyone gets money every, say, 2 minutes and everyone gets the same amount of money. Later on the players must elect a mayor, who then sets everyone’s amount of money they get when they get paid. Here’s the catch though, there’s like $20+ he can put in everyone’s salaries for every person who joins. So, is the mayor going to distribute it evenly, keep it all to himself, or is he going to do it based on people’s jobs? Also make it so you can demote the mayor if he’s bad and no one likes him.

Okay. I like these ideas. I’m going to write everything down in a NP file, then when everything’s all thought up, I’ll actually start coding.

Do not base it on darkRP? :slight_smile:

Make a weather system , a fire departement , fires, some exploits (jk) , and buying apartements.

Unless you have a truly unique idea I say don’t bother. It will just end up as another half done RP GM.