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Hello! I’m the founder of an older community called radiation gaming (now called Underground Roleplay). We’ve been dead for nearly a year, but have recently started up for a recreation of one of our older roleplays, Space Voyage Roleplay. Yes, I know it’s a bland title. Though our forums are lacking of lore you can find out a bit by visiting them, you don’t need to sign up to do this. Here is some basic information on it, though.

  1. It’s 2174. Earth has united but is expected to fall apart if resources and overpopulation problems aren’t solved with space travel.

  2. Earth really sucks with technology. They use projectile based weapons like railguns on their ships (and plan on using nukes if they go up against other capital ships), don’t have shields, and have a crappy hyperdrive. Their energy sources kind of suck too. Most of Earth is covered by nuclear power, however a few cold fusion reactors exist.

  3. Earth kicks ass with robotics, though. They have synthoids with human-level intellect and artificial intelligences stored on supercomputers capable of feets far beyond that of the human mind.

  4. The Bahamut is where the roleplay will take place as well as on planets and such. It’s Earth’s first and only faster-than-light capable of ship. Its hyperdrive, as mentioned above, sort of sucks. It takes a week to get four light years (a day in-game time). However, tech can be improved as Earth meets alien races and such. The Bahamut uses a crappy fusion reactor which isn’t up to standards.

  5. The Bahamut isn’t a strictly military ship. It carries tons of independent contractors out to find new goodies and has the potential to be a colony ship if need-be. Most of the military have their families aboard. It’s like the Enterprise.

Basically, the main themes of this roleplay are exploration, gathering of technology, and meeting new races; it is basically a big melting pot of everything scifi. Aliens can be introduced eventually, but Earth thinks it’s alone at first. Earth is the undergdog in this, with its technology level about 3, with 0 being hut-dwellers and 10 being dyson sphere builders. However, that doesn’t mean every alien race encountered are going to be super-advanced. A lot will be on the same level as Earth.

We use a working modification of Cakescript made by two awesome people named Kain and Viralhatred. It is a simple yet adequate script. We are a serious roleplay server primarily, so silliness isn’t really tolerated, however we’re generally friendly and the ooc chatter is usually silly and layed back. Unfortunately, the server has been slightly empty lately but we have quite a few regulars who will get on if anyone else is. We like to have a lot of events and use other maps for away missions. We don’t follow a strict story, so your character’s actions can effect the fate of the entire ship or beyond. We’ve already done quite a few relating to a visit to colony in Alpha Centauri.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to drop a post.

This isn’t the place for advertising servers… :stuck_out_tongue: - Still tho I wish there was a place…

Oh, sorry about that. I found my old roleplay thread transferred here and thought this was the place to do it.

Yeah, to be honest I don’t think you can advertise anywhere on the forums, but I’m not sure tho.

Mainly because of all the people should “OMG DO WE REALLY NEED ANOTHER XXXXX GAMEMODE!”.

Instead of those people shutting the fuck up and letting people play what they wan’t to play shrug.