New Router, Really Confusing Port Forwarding HELP!

Ok so recently I have gotten AT&T U-Verse, and the port-forwarding is extremely hassling. My router model is an 3800HGV-B. Sometimes when I open ports it works correctly, other times says Connection Timed Out…
It is really really stressful, and I’m wondering this port forwarding setup has both TCP, and UDP.
It asks for Port Range, Protocol Timeout, and Map or Host Port. The thing that is confusing me is the TCP, and UDP selection part. Which ones do I use? How should I properly port-forward to make my G-Mod Server accessible.

Crap probably should have put it into the server hosting tab.

Use both. just foward a hole load of ports to your computer and it will probs work. I only forward 27000 to 27100 and it works perfectly (there TCP and UDP)

Ok, well I tried that and currently these are the ports that are forwarded - TCP 27014-27020
UDP 4380
UDP 2700-27030

I’m getting a connection timed out on